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Our condo houses 1100 apartments, from single LDKs to 120 sq-m 6/7 rooms. It is located at the limit of the Greater Paris Area, close to Versailles and Saint Cyr l'Ecole, 20 km WSW of Paris. It is large, calm, surrounded by fields and woods. Young children enjoy the protected space to play with friends or ride their bike. Elder kids find good schools and plenty of friends around or in local associations. Grown-ups find themselves in an "efficient" environment where most chores are either taken care of (building maintenance, garbage, gardening) or easily available (the condo has its own shopping center). Parents quickly develop a network of friends to share activities for themselves or their children.

Start with the beginning and the page : "This is where I live ...", in French and English.

Sorry, the remaining our site is in French ... and we are not sure that it would make sense to translate it all. But we shall guide you so that you may enjoy some of it and advertise it to your friends. Here is our dictionary of terms:

Urgence : gives you emergency phone numbers. In doubt, use 112.
Déplacements : road-books to Parc Montaigne, map of the condo, hiking-biking-rolling suggestions
Annonces : free ads for baby-sitting, buying and selling almost everything. It is efficient and you can use images. We accept ads in English. 
Informations : details about the condo's history, geography, economy, society, gardens and fire prevention
Magazine : just what it says it is, with pictures (this page may take as much as one minute to load)
Pages Or : a selection of competitive local shops and services
Espaces : where communities and associations find a page to provide information on themselves
Cartes postales : a page where you have seasonal pictures of the condo, that we e-mail to your friends for you

We intend to enrich this English part of our site and sincerely hope that you will be able to help us a little in doing so. In the meantime, do not hesitate to write us to ask questions, or give your criticisms and suggestions.

Have a good visit! 


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